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Cohorts FAQ's

What are cohorts?

Cohorts, in statistics, are defined as a group of individuals that share a characteristic over a period of time.
The Cohorts in GameAnalytics only looks at new installs of the game/application. An example of a use for Cohorts would be to look at the number of new users that installed the game and bought something from the premium shop.

Why does my retention data look abnormal?

The retention metric is very susceptible to different filters, mainly dynamic filters, like DAU, New Users etc... .
When measuring retention we suggest you only use static filters, like manufacturer, build version, and so on, filters that do not change from day to day like DAU and New Users.

What metrics do you have available to choose from while customizing Cohorts>

At the moment you can look at the following metrics:

  • Returning users (percentage and count)
  • Paying users (percentage and count)
  • Session count
  • Sessions per user
  • Playtime per session/user
  • Revenue (sum)
  • ARPDAU (mean)
  • ARPPU (mean)
  • ARPT (mean)
  • Transaction count
  • 1st transaction (percentage and count)
  • Number of errors