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Unique Metrics

The Explore Tool allows users to freely alter options to achieve desired metrics. However certain metrics are not possible to recreate via this approach as they often require different data sets to be divided or handled in some specific way. We call these metrics Unique metrics.


Unique metrics often only allow Global filters that do not change during a users lifetime. This is due to the metrics being a result of multiple queries in the backend and if values change then results can be unreliable.

Once a Unique metric is selected it can introduce new UI options and/or reduce ability to Group by/Split by and filter.


GameAnalytics are working on introducing more Unique metrics for our latest tool update. See table below for what is planned.

Unique metricStatus
DAU/MAU Ratio (stickiness)In development
ARPDAUIn development
New vs. Returning Users (ratio)In development
Win PercentageIn development
Conversion RateIn development
Flow of virtual currencyIn development
Session Length HistogramsIn development