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What are funnels?

Funnels are a way of visualizing and measuring how your players move through a series of predefined events, and determine which of these steps lose the most players. In GameAnalytics, you can create funnels of any sequence of your game, from level on-boarding to first purchase flows.

Are GameAnalytics Funnels closed or any order?

GameAnalytics Funnels follow the any order rule, meaning users do not have to complete steps in order to be counted towards step and total completion. For example users in a Funnel that looks at the first 3 levels in a game could finish those levels 2-1-3 and they would still be counted as converted.

What is the difference between "Step Completion" and "Total Completion"

Step completion is a count/percentage of users that have had a "complete" event on the previous step (if any), and the current step in question. For example, step completion for level 4 would be users that have completed level 3 and 4.

Total completion would be a count/percentage of users that have had a "complete" event on that particular step, and also steps before this. For level 4 total completion would be users that had a "complete" event for levels 1, 2, 3 and 4.