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At this time, the integration works only for install events and NOT for update and in-app events.

Now you can send to GameAnalytics install postbacks from Kochava. Once the settings below are in place we will start accepting postbacks which will allow you to distinguish the organic traffic from the non-organic.


For this to work, you just need to create a new postback and assign the Game Key of your game to the configuration. How to do that?

  1. Go to “All Apps” in the Kochava home page.
  2. Open the “App Tools” dropdown button of the game you would like to configure and click on “Postback Configuration”.
  3. In the fresh opened page select “Add a Configuration” and search for “GameAnalytics” in the Network Partner dropdown and select “Go”.
  4. Edit the “Install” postback and insert the Game Key provided by GameAnalytics.

Below you can view a demo of the steps above.