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Business Events


Use this event to track real money transactions in your game.With the business event, you can include information on the specific type of in-app item purchased, and where in the game the purchase was made.

Example A: A player goes into the game’s shop and makes a purchase of a pack of coins.
Example B: You show the player a screen at the end of a level to prompt them to buy lives. They choose to purchase a pack of 3 lives that costs $0.99.

FieldExample AExample B

We allow up to 10 cartTypes and up to 100 unique itemTypes and itemIds each.


Sending business events will allow you to track and visualise the following metrics:

  • Business Events (Transactions)
  • Converting Users (1st Transaction)
  • Paying Users
  • Conversion Rate
  • ARPDAU (Average Revenue Per Daily Active User)
  • ARPPU (Average Revenue Per Paying User)
  • Conversion Rate (Converting vs DAU)

You can access most of these in the Monetization Dashboard, and all of them in the Explore Tool.


If you just view these metrics without the receipt validation filter, it will show you revenue related figures for all business events we receive (valid or not). In order to view valid figures, please refer to the section above.

Purchase Validation

To learn more about purchase validation and how to implement it, please click here.

Code Example


Please refer to the specific SDK you're using for details on how a business event with a receipt is sent.

Example of sending a business event in iOS using the Unity SDK:

string receipt= "MIIT8AYJKoZIhvcNAQcC...2LJuwKuaCXT4Y="; // raw receipt from the purchase platform provider

GameAnalytics.NewBusinessEventIOS("USD",249,"Shop item","Minigun Purchase","Shop_01",receipt);

Once the event is aggregated it will automatically participate in generating monetization metrics. No other efforts are needed.