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Service Level Agreement

1. Introduction

This Service Level Agreement (SLA) outlines the levels of Service that GameAnalytics commits to providing for its paid analytics Services. Please note that this SLA does not apply to any free Services, Accounts or subscriptions (“Core Analytics”) offered by GameAnalytics. All terms not defined herein are defined in our terms and conditions available on our website.

2. Service Availability

GameAnalytics is committed to ensuring the availability and functionality of its Services under the specified conditions below. If one of the Services fails to meet these conditions, you may qualify for a partial reimbursement of the monthly fees for the affected period. To be eligible for reimbursement, Your Company must notify GameAnalytics without undue delay and provide the necessary evidence of the Service issue.

Please note that processing times may vary based on the volume of data.

2.1 Data collection SLA

Monthly Availability PercentageMonthly Fees Reimbursement
Below 99.9% but ≥ 99.0%0%
Below 99.0% but ≥ 95.0%10%
Below 95.0%25%

Monthly availability percentage is calculated as the time the service is accessible, measured 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays, divided by the total time in a given month.

2.2 GameAnalytics Pro*

Monthly Availability PercentageMonthly Delay PercentageMonthly Fees Reimbursement
Below 99.9% but ≥ 99.0%Below 99.9% but ≥ 99.0%0%
Below 99.0% but ≥ 95.0%Below 99.0% but ≥ 95.0%10%
Below 95.0%Below 95.0%25%

*GameAnalytics Pro includes GameAnalytics Platform, Metrics API and Organization API.

2.3 GameAnalytics Datasuite*

Data delivery timeMonthly Fees Reimburstment
Below 99.9% but ≥ 99.0%0%
Below 99.0% but ≥ 95.0%10%
Below 95.0%25%

*GameAnalytics DataSuite includes Data Export and Data Warehouse.

Data Warehouse and Data Export: Data will be processed and delivered to You by the beginning of the following UTC day (within 12 hours after midnight UTC).

3. Support Hours

GameAnalytics provides support during the following hours:

Business hours (9:00 am - 5:00 pm Central European Time “CET”), 5 days a week (24 x 5), Mon - Fri, excluding all applicable bank holidays.

4. Priority Levels and Description

  • Critical: The service is completely unusable, with no workaround available. This issue blocks all business operations.
  • High: The service's productivity is impacted, but a workaround exists. The customer can continue using the platform with the workaround.
  • Medium: There is a non-critical loss of functionality that does not directly impact productivity.
  • Low: A trivial problem with little or no impact on business operations.

5. Response Times

Upon being notified of an anomaly in the service, GameAnalytics will assign a support representative to contact you within the following times based on the priority level of the anomaly:

Priority LevelResponse Time*
CriticalWithin 6 hours
HighWithin 12 hours
MediumWithin 24 hours
LowWithin 48 hours

*CET business hours (9:00 am - 5:00 pm CET)

6. Anomaly correction

The correction of reported anomalies will adhere to the following performance standards based on the assigned priority level:

  1. GameAnalytics will assign a representative to begin investigating the cause of the anomaly upon receiving notice from You.
  2. GameAnalytics will address the anomaly according to the assigned priority level. The initial priority level can be reviewed and revised based on further analysis.
  3. GameAnalytics will keep You informed on:
    • The current status of efforts to resolve the anomaly.
    • An estimate of the remaining time required to resolve the anomaly.
    • Any other relevant information related to the anomaly or remediation efforts.

7. Exclusions

This SLA does not apply to any free Service provided by GameAnalytics (Core Analytics).

8. Contact Information

For any service-related requests, please contact

9. Updates and Revisions

GameAnalytics reserves the right to update this SLA as necessary. Any changes will be communicated through the documentation section and updated terms.