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Tired of getting up early every morning to change the bonus of the day in your game?

With Remote Configs, you’re able to customize gameplay parameters by sending key-value pairs directly to the player’s device. These ‘configs’ are defined in the Remote Configs UI and sent to the GameAnalytics SDK right away or at a scheduled date.

This gives you an easy way to trigger in-game changes, without updating app versions or coding every time.


Once a config is set and started, the corresponding key-value pair is delivered to the GameAnalytics SDK on the player device, and from there it can be actioned in the game.

For instance, you can have an in-game configuration that is set to turn on/off ad network integrations when it receives the value ad_network_off

You can also use Configs to change game assets, such as characters or weapons.

For instance, sending values like characterod_ninja could change the promoted character of the day to the ninja.