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What are Remote Configs?

Remote configs are a way for you to use unique configuration keys that allow you to make modification to variables in game without going in the game code.

If you try to request a config value related to a specified config key from our SDK, but that key isn’t present, then when we call the ‘SDK Method’, which will return the specified ‘default’ value for the key. This can happen when a Remote Config for the key is not set up in our GameAnalytics tool, or when the device is offline and has not been able to get the remote configs yet. And in a case when the “default” value has not been specified, then the ‘SDK Method’ will return “null” as its default value.

How are offline devices handled in regards to Remote Configs

If the device is offline it will use the cached values from the last retrieved configs (stored in an internal database). If the device has no configs stored locally at all, it will be empty.

What is the limit on the number of characters that a remote config can contain in it's name?

As of now the maximum number of characters that you should use in the name of the remove configs is 12. Having it higher than this might cause issues when introducing the key to an A/B Test.

What is the maximum number of remote configs that can be active at any given time?

This is not a hard limit, but around 10 would be the limit, definitely not more than 15.

What is the character limit for the remote config values?

The value can can contain any Unicode character with a maximum length of 256.