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Event Types

GameAnalytics features the following event types:

EventDescriptionManual or automatic integration
AdAds shown and clicked, fill rate.Manual
BusinessIn-App Purchases supporting receipt validation on GA servers.Manual
DesignSubmit custom event id’s. Useful for tracking metrics specifically needed for your game.Manual
ErrorSubmit exception stack traces or custom error messages.Automatic for iOS and Android, manual for other platforms
ImpressionImpression data from different ad networksManual
ProgressionLevel attempts with Start, Fail & Complete event.Manual
ResourceManaging the flow of virtual currencies - like gems or livesManual
PerformanceThe event will record a histogram of FPS and memory usageAutomatic with health event
SDK InitSent every time the app is starting and loading into memory for the first timeAutomatic with health event
Session startSent every time the user boots the app/gameAutomatic
Session endSent every time the SDK registers a new session (including game/app going in background)Automatic