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As your game titles take off and grow, data plays a central role in taking decisions critical to your game’s success. We help you to collect, visualise and monitor your player data all in one platform. Our tool makes pre-configured dashboards available to you, which show the most relevant metrics for any game, or lets you create your own tailored reports with Custom Dashboards.

If you’re looking to analyse data in ways that don’t neatly fit in existing dashboards, for example, to:

  • Get an aggregated analysis of multiple game titles in your studio to focus on the most important KPIs for your business
  • Track specific player behaviour or game patterns, rather than metrics
  • Extract different metrics from the predefined or custom dashboards and combine later on in a manual way

We can help provide a deeper level of analysis with DataSuite. We make it quick and easy for you to build the data tools that will help you to take informed next steps in your studio’s growth.

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DataSuite Overview

Player Warehouse

The Player Warehouse provides player and event-level granularity of the data we collect from devices.

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Raw Export

Raw Export exports your data in real time in it's raw JSON format .

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