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Dashboards are one of the most important features of GameAnalytics.

In essence, data visualized here is split between metrics and custom events instrumented in the SDK belonging to one of our event categories: user, business, purchase, resource, progression, error and design.

Slicing and dicing your data to get the right insights is usually one of the first things you want to do after integrating analytics in your game. To help you do this, we’ve created predefined dashboards and also allow you to create your own. Within them you can use simple filters or advanced multi-dimensional filtering to get the right insights.

Predefined Dashboards

GameAnalytics has a set of predefined dashboards that help you better understand your users from install, to engagement, to monetization. The list of dashboards is.

  • Real-time: Key game metrics shown in live time.
  • Overview: Displays the overall health of your game based on the industry's most popular KPI's
  • Engagement: Tracks how well your game is retaining players in terms of game sessions and days.
  • Monetization: Tracks how much money your game is making through in-app purchases
  • Resources: How in-game currency is used (E.G. In-game Coins)
  • Progression: Tracks how players are performing in your game, are they failing or succeeding?
  • Quality: Tracks the errors and bugs in your game
  • Ads Dashboards: Tracks the our Ad Behaviour and Ad Revenue