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Remote configs are supposed to alter the game experience for users inside the game.

In order to get active configs, a call has to be made in the game code. Once the config is returned the game can be altered. You can find detailed code examples within each SDK guide here.


You can make this call after creating a config on the Remote Configs UI to see if a Config has been made successfully.

Here’s some example code (Unity) for checking availability and for retrieving a config:

//Check if Remote Configs is ready and has been loaded with values
//It should be ready after initialize.
if(GameAnalytics.IsRemoteConfigsReady ())
// call Remote Configs
//Gets Remote Configs value using specified key.
string value = GameAnalytics.GetRemoteConfigsValueAsString ("difficulty");
//Gets Remote Config using specified key. If there is no value at specified key the call will return the default value (1)

string value = GameAnalytics.GetRemoteConfigsValueAsString ("difficulty”,1);