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Top Charts

View top rated 100 games featured on Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Save games to your list of favorites or click through to learn more about each game and developer appearing in the top charts.

Top Charts dashboard

By sorting various columns, you can achieve the following views:

  • Sort by Rank: Highest ranked games for chosen filters
  • Sort by Release date: Newest or oldest games that are currently in the charts
  • Sort by Rating: Ranked games that have the best user ratings
PRO Tier

GameIntel is available to Pro subscription users. Free users can view the first 5 games/publishers and some filters may be restricted.


The following information is available to see while browsing game data:

RankThe position of the game in the top 100 games for a given period. If not defined, it is positioned outside of the top 100Store
TitleThe name of the gameStore
PublisherThe name of the publisherStore
Rank changeThe change in store rank over a given periodGA
Release dateThe date the game was releasedStore
RatingNumber of stars and total reviewsStore


The following filters are available:

StoreThe stores you would like to view the data from. Choose from Apple App Store and Google Play Store
TypeThe type of games you wish to view. Either Free or Paid games
CountrySegment data and choose from a list of 36 countries. Based on your selection, you will only see information of how that game/app is performing in the chosen country
CategoryThe classification assigned to the game
Ranking dateDate you want to see rankings for
Rank changeThe time period for comparing current rank against. Choose between 24 hours, 7 days, and 30 days.