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Game Data Sharing is a powerful feature designed to streamline collaboration between Organizations by sharing game data. With Game Data Sharing, Organizations can collaborate on game evaluation, prototype testing, publishing decisions, strategic planning, and many more, while maintaining control of your data.

  • Easily share game data with external partners to make data-driven decisions, while gaining access to comprehensive gaming metrics.
  • Access shared gaming data directly within DataSuite services, providing a complete view of an Organization's portfolio.
  • Simplify collaboration and evaluation by giving partners access to the data they need without manual intervention.
  • Maintain control over shared data with the ability to revoke access or pause sharing at any time.



Ensure compliance with data sharing regulations and agreements when sharing game data between Organizations.

PRO Tier

Game Data Sharing supports sharing game data only within Player Warehouse, Raw Export and Metrics API. It is also exclusively a Pro feature.


We refer to two types of Organizations in this section. The destination and source Organization. The destination Organization is the one that requests data access from the source Organization.