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Custom Dashboard


This documentation describes the legacy version of our Dashboards feature. We've built a new and improved version in our latest iteration of the web-tool. To find out more about this please check out our new Dashboards article.

Our Custom dashboards features lets you show the metrics on your visualisation that you only want to see, rather than all of them. You can create certain views and build as many custom dashboards as you like. But to give you a better idea of what this means, here are just a few of the things you can do with this feature:

  1. Create dashboards centred around your player’s interaction within your game

    • This could include a breakdown of your players spending habits, or simply tracking the most in demand characters, items or bonuses.
  2. Mediate all the data-views that are important to you into one view

    • This includes different visualisations types that you prefer, or just our standard ones.
  3. Further breakdown your performance metrics across a wider range of dimensions

    • Understand which metrics may have an effect on your player’s activity according to your needs, allowing you to go beyond our standard KPI metrics. That’s the beauty of custom dashboards. They’re custom.

In this article we will cover how to create a step-by-step on creating a Custom Dashboard and it's widgets.

Creating a Custom Dashboard

To create a custom dashboard, from the menu bar select the Plus icon next to the Dashboards tab.

Create Dashboard

Next, you’ll see a new Custom Dashboards option in the menu bar. You can access all of your custom dashboards from here.

When creating a Custom Dashboard, you can choose to either add already existing widgets, or simply create your own. In the below example, we’ll look at creating an ‘Empty dashboard’. Creating a dashboard from scratch gives you the opportunity to build your data insights from the ground up.

Dashboard Options

Creating Custom Widgets

Once you have created your custom dashboard, you can start adding data widgets. You can create your own widgets from any of the metrics which are predefined within GameAnalytics, or custom events which you have pre-built within your game event structure. Use the ‘Create Widget’ button to get started.

Create Widget

To create a widget follow these simple steps:

  • Give your widget a title.
  • Select your preferred visualisation.
  • Select either a metric or event within the metric field.
  • Pick a data dimension you would like the data to pertain to.

Widget Options

After you select Add widget to dashboard, the widget will then display within your custom dashboard. There aren’t any limits on the number of widgets you may have per dashboard.

You can continue making additions, changes, and deletions to your own widgets. Your custom dashboard includes tools to edit, delete, move and also decrease/increase the size of your widgets. This is done through the Pencil button on the top right of the Custom Dashboards screen, which will take you to an editing mode.

Below is an example of a Custom Dashboard.

Custom Dashboard