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The monetization feature is the dedicated area for your monetization insights:

  • Analyze in-app purchases(IAPs) revenue data from platform stores, as well as web-shops.
  • Examine data from two games, comparing iOS and Android versions to highlight strengths and areas of opportunities in each, for a holistic overview of your game’s performance.


The following charts are available in the feature:

  • Revenue - Revenue from IAP’s.
  • Transaction counts - Count of transactions.
  • Revenue grouped by item - IAP revenue grouped by item ID.
  • Count of paying users - Count of users that have purchased any IAP item.
  • Converting users - Count of first time paying users.
  • Converted users - Count of any paying users, first time or otherwise.
  • ARPPU - Average revenue per paying user.
  • First transaction revenue - Revenue of the user’s first in-app purchase.

Additionally this feature supports integration with Xsolla web shops. Xsolla is a global video game commerce company that provides solutions for in-game payments and payment systems. Integrating revenue data from your Xsolla Web Shop to GameAnalytics, unlocks a complete view of your game's financial performance.
Go here to learn more about Xsolla web shops.

Before you begin

  • Business events are not automatically tracked, and need to be implemented to visualize in-app purchase data.
  • For integrating your game with Xsolla see our guide here.
    • Due to Xsolla’s cross platform functionalities, each webshop is for all platforms. If you are tracking your game on multiple platforms on GameAnalytics, you only need to connect one of the game keys with Xsolla. By utilizing our new comparison feature you will be able to see the holistic overview of revenue from both platforms as well as from Xsolla Web Shop.
  • To learn more about webshops visit the following page.