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The Reporting feature allows scheduling of reports to be delivered via email. Receive daily, weekly or monthly reports to easily review game performance on-the-go.

PRO Tier

This feature is currently available only for Organizations subscribing to Pro. Learn more about Pro here.

The reporting feature will allow for:

  • Scheduled reporting delivered via email when needed data is available.
  • Select between Daily, Weekly and Monthly reporting containing a list of core metrics.
  • All metrics compared to a previous period.
  • Add up to 10 games and 10 users for each report.
  • Easily manage reports for all games and users on the Organization.

The feature can be accessed via the top navigation menu.

Location of Feature


Additional functionality is in development and will be added during 2024. Including new report types (Top games / Organization metrics) and alternate ways to receive report data (Slack and more).

The image below exemplifies how a report looks.