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At this time, the integration works only for install events and NOT for update and in-app events.

The GameAnalytics – AppsFlyer integration allows you to get the much needed detailed insight into both the acquisition and the post-install data of your players lifecycle and value.


We are always looking for simplicity when it comes to any integration process and we are happy to present you an easy two-step process to setup GameAnalytics with AppsFlyer.

  1. On the AppsFlyer web page go to your app, open the “Media Source Configuration” setting and search for “GameAnalytics”.

    Media Configuration

  2. In the “GameAnalytics” configuration page, enable the integration parameter and insert the game_key you received from us, then click “Save & Close”

    GameAnalytics Configuration

Once this configuration is saved, AppsFlyer will begin sending the following data to our servers for every non-organic install:

  • game_key
  • Media Source
  • Campaign name