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The Explore Tool is the place to dig deeper into the data to better understand the performance of your game. Here you can visualize a multitude of prepared metrics and freely create your own via a host of filters, aggregations and granularity options

Whether you would like to see data about users, revenue, errors or ad behavior, the Explore Tool can help you achieve your goals.


  • Quickly access insights from a list of prepared metrics. Read more about metrics here.
  • Define your own metrics by selecting from the many flexible query options
  • Select available event types and apply different aggregations for example per user or per session.
  • Apply multidimensional filtering via Global filters and Event filters to focus on the relevant data for your needs
  • Determine how values are aggregated using GroupBy and split into multiple line charts (or stacked a bar chart) using the Split functionality.
  • Save your specified query as a saved View to easily return to an advanced metric in the future
  • Export your data to a CSV format to easily copy it into spreadsheets or other systems

Before you begin‚Äč

Many core metrics (DAU, Playtime, Retention) will automatically become available in the Explore Tool after simply adding and initializing the SDK.

However, to get the most out of the Explore Tool it is recommended to instrument additional event-types at the different actions happening in the game. Refer to the SDK integration documentation for more detail on how each event-type is added in the game, and read more about how this will enable the different event-types in the Explore Tool