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Metrics and Date Selection

The Explore Tool is a powerful feature that allows the user to build their own metric via all the different query options. However, specifying the same metric every day can be tedious.

The Metrics selection is enabled via clicking the left-most button on the Explore Tool.

Metrics Button

Metrics Selection

Select Metrics

The left part of the interface will filter by category (event-types) and search is available in the top right.

The Metrics selection is a shortcut to view the most popular metrics quickly. Once a metric has been selected it will automatically populate the Explore Tool options in order to achieve the desired metric. After the metric selection you can continue altering any aspect of the query as you see fit. Below is an example of DAU being selected causing the aggregation to be Unique Users and the GroupBy set to Time(days).

Metric Options


Certain metrics are labeled Unique due to requiring specific backend processing. They have certain limitations once selected. Read more about Unique Metrics here.

Date Selection

The default date range includes the last 8 days (starting from 8 days ago and ending on ‘yesterday’). This date range can be easily changed by using the date picker found at the top right of the Explore Tool.


GameAnalytics aggregate time (days) using UTC time. Data sent for 'yesterday' will available in the analytics tool once UTC 00:00 has passed. Realtime feature is an exception where data can be viewed hourly.

Date Selection

To change the date range simply select the date picker after which you will be presented with different options

Date Picker

By using the highlighted buttons you can easily switch between 7 days and last 30 days for the date picker.