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The Health feature is dedicated to delivering insights related to the technical performance of a game. Technical issues can seriously affect player engagement and sentiment, which in turn can hurt the games success.


The Health feature reports metrics based on Error events, Performance and SDK init events, sent from the game. Certain platforms can send this automatically if enabled, while others require manual sending. Refer to our documentation for more information.

With this feature you can explore five separate views:

Using the Health feature you can:

  • Compare error count increase/decrease between latest and previous builds.
  • Discover what specific error stacktraces, are affecting the most users.
  • Learn what device types have an increased amount of errors.
  • Apply Global Filters and more.
  • Get more information on your game/app frames per second (FPS) Pro
  • Get more information about boot time Pro
  • Get more information about memory usage Pro

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