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Event Types and Aggregations

This article will briefly explain the possible events that can be tracked using our explore tool, and also the different aggregations these events can be grouped into.

Event Types

GameAnalytics has 7 types of events that can be used to track different concepts in your game. The information presented here will be rather shallow, and we encourage everyone to check out our event types here.

Event TypeDescription
Session StartSent automatically when users start playing the game.
Session EndSent automatically when users leave the game. For mobile games this happnes when the game is 'going-to-background'.
Business EventsPurchases in the game (IAP) supporting receipt validation. Please refer to your SDK guide to implement this.
Resource EventsVirtual currency tracking of sink (spend) or source (earn) of currencies.
Progression EventsLevel attempts including a Start, Fail or Complete status.
Error EventsErrors including exception stack traces or custom messages.
Ad EventsAd activity for showing and clicking ads.
Impression EventsILRD data from different ad networks including revenue per impression. Review supported options here.
Design EventsUseful for tracking any of your games GUI elements or anything custom.

Aggregation Options

Aggregation defines the approach used to reduce data into single result numbers. Mostly these are related to counting events and sum/mean of a value.

Global Aggregations are available to all events-types while Event Aggregations will show unique options depending on the event you have selected.

Global aggregations

These are related to counting the events, unique users and sessions and also reporting mean count per user or session.

Aggregation Options

CountCount of events
Unique usersCount of unique users
Unique sessionsCount of unique sessions
Mean Count per userThe mean count per user
Mean Count per sessionThe average count per session

The results will depend on the grouping selected in GroupBy and the date range active. For example selecting Aggregation to Unique users and GroupBy to Country code will show the unique count of users playing by each country during the whole date range selected.

Event Aggregations

Most event-types allow sending a numeric value in addition to the event id strings. The Event Aggregations are related to aggregating these numeric values. The name of the this value differs between event-type where score is used for progression and amount is used for IAP.

Aggregation Options Business Events

Sum of amountSum of the IAP amount
Mean amount per eventThe average IAP spend per transaction
Mean amount per sessionThe average IAP spend per unique session
Mean amount per userThe average IAP spend per unique user
Weighted mean amount per userShow one number with the mean amount spent per user over the selected date range.

ℹ️ Weighted mean will only be possible when GroupBy is set to All (aggregating to a single number).
Weighted mean amount per sessionShow one number with the mean amount spent per session over the selected date range.

ℹ️ Weighted mean will only be used when GroupBy is set to All (aggregating to a single number).

Selecting the event-type Design will show Event Aggregation based on duration.

Aggregation Options Design Events