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Global Filters

Filtering is used to reduce the amount of data that is queried and visualized. Global Filters are available to all event types and described below. Event Filters are unique to each event-type and described here.

Global filters can be accessed via the + Global filters button and will open a UI to specify the filters needed.

Global Filters Button

Global filters are always available as their properties (dimensions) are possible to have on all the different event types. An example of a Global Filter would be to show Active Users filtered by a specific country or a build version.


Global filters might not always contain filter values to select for filtering. Some are always present (like Country) while others need some manual SDK integration to populate values.

Global filterDescriptionAvailability
Country codeThe ISO Alpha-2 country code like UK or US.Automatically available.

Country is resolved via GEOIP lookup on GameAnalytics server as events are collected.
BuildBuild version of the game when the event was sent.Automatically available via build tracking on iOS and Android.

Needs to be manually specified on other platforms.
First buildThe first registered Build version for a user.

ℹ️ Combine Build and First Build to view events from users who experienced only a specific build (not include users who updated).
Automatically available when tracking Build.
Connection typeThe active connection type when the event was triggered on the device. Values can be LAN, Wifi, Wwan or OfflineAutomatically available.
New or ReturningFilter on users being New or Returning.

A user is new if their install time is registered as equal to the reported period/day (UTC).

A user is returning if their install time is registered as NOT equal to the reported period/day (UTC).
Automatically available
Define custom dimension values to enable filtering across all events.Manual implementation.

Read more about Custom Dimensions here.
DeviceName of the device the user is playing onAutomatically available
Engine versionThe version of the game engine used.Automatically available for certain game engine SDKs like Unity.
ManufacturerThe hardware manufacturer reported by the OS on the device.Automatically available
OS versionThe version of the OS the device is running.Automatically available
PlatformThe name of the OS platform the game is running on (like Android, iOS, Windows)Automatically available
SDK versionThe version of the integrated GameAnalytics SDKAutomatically available
Is PayingA boolean filter (True/False) determining whether the user has ever historically performed an IAP purchase (converted user).Automatically available

Static global filters

Global static filters are dimensions that are expected to be on all events, with values that are expected to not change for the user from installing the game and onward. All of these can be included or excluded. By including filters, it means that the data observed only arrives from those specific filters, while excluding means ignoring the dimensions in this filter when presenting the data. The table below lists all the available Static Global Filters:

Static Global FiltersDescription
Country codeTwo letter code used to identify countries.
First buildThe build that the user started their first session on.
DeviceThe device the user is running the game/software app on.
ManufacturerHardware manufacturer reported by the operating system.
PlatformThe environment/operating system the game/software app is running on
Custom 01, 02, 03Custom dimensions that can be attached to events to segment certain players. E.g.: class, weapon types, etc… . Find more information here.
Acquisition publisherAcquisition platform used for advertisements. E.g: Google AdWords, IronSource, organic
Acquisition campaignAdvertising campaigns for the game/software application. E.g: randomGame_Ironsource_US_campaign
Acquisition ad groupGroups of users that have installed the app following a certain ad campaign. E.g.: null, Ad group1, 2d0fb7e10796ce5582c6bab191467939
Acquisition ad
Acquisition siteThe website the game/software application was installed from. E.g.: null, 22543f09970317712fc0a9914d61a11c
Acquisition keywordKeywords for the acquisition campaign.

It must be noted that global filters are recommended for the dimensions that are supported, as they drastically improve query performance, and of course you can add more than one global filter if necessary.

Global Filter Customisations

Global filters allow advanced AND/OR definitions with nested groups of filters and exclusions. However most filtering is simply performed using an AND relationship between different Global filter types.

Global Filters

Above is an example of selecting event data using an AND relationship between Build and SDK Version. When selecting multiple values for a Global filter type (e.g. SDK Version) the logic between these values is an OR. The above definition would result in a query filter like this being applied.

Build = 1.0.0 AND (SDK Version = unity 6.6.4 OR unity 6.5.7)

The defined filter logic is applied on each individual event and metrics are then calculated on the remaining data. Defining a filter like (Country code = UK AND Country code = US) will result in no data remaining as an event cannot have 2 different values in a property.

Nested groups are available to gain insight into those rare (but important) cases. Finally you can also choose to exclude data based on filters. For example excluding Connection type = Wifi would exclude all events with that property value. Adding this to the above filter would result in the following.

(Build = 1.0.0 AND (SDK Version = unity 6.6.4 OR unity 6.5.7)) AND (Connection type != Wifi)